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We offer the largest on-line selection of Handmade and European veils that range from budget-friendly, to reasonably-priced precious pieces. We have French, Spanish, and Italian veils available. Our durable and fine lace materials are from select sources that are soft and come in many colors, sizes, and shapes. With so many options, it's easier to be able to pick and choose exactly what you want. Our veils are made to last and are thus heirloom quality. Free optional sewn-in combs, booklets on veiling, prayer cards, Carmelite scapulars and a resealable flip- top cellophane wrap to protect your handmade veil are provided for every handmade veil pack. You can rely on both our name and our veils when it comes to quality and excellent craftsmanship. We promise that we are an apostolate that endeavors to work from our hearts with carefully made veils. We do not take anything to chance.



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Why We Veil

In respecting the role of feminine identity in the Catholic Church, we believe every woman should understand their dignity as part of the Bride of Christ. Magnificat Veils provides women a way of life through a dignified faith by veiling themselves with the blanket of sanctity as Christ is reverenced in the Tabernacle. The church, as the Bride of Christ, makes up the Mystical Body of Christ. Her identity is feminine, that is why we call her "Holy Mother Church". As the body of Christ in the Eucharist is veiled to show the greatest reverence so too shall Catholic women be held at highest dignity and faithfully live out their identity in the Church.

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"Your veils are so simple and lovely" - Tabitha

"Lucy had First Communion on Sunday. The veil was absolutely perfect! I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures. I'm glad that her veil was lovingly made by you and not just produced in a factory." Lucy's first Holy Communion veil, the Rose Veil, has an optional removable rose crown.

"I cannot think of any other veil company that specializes in military veils!" - Denisha

"You are my go-to person for veils! Your veils are prettier than the ones I have!" - Lara

"The weight and drape of this veil is beautiful. It has a nice body and is not too stiff, and not too flimsy. I enjoy feeling of how the veil falls on my shoulders. As i said before, the weight of this is beautiful. I have had veils that were so light, they could slip off and I would not notice. Part of my favorite parts of veiling is the physical sensation of the devotion. It draws me into the Mass and prayer, helping my mind not to wander. My Little Lady (baby) enjoys my veil, as well. She buries her face in as I hold her and holds i gently in her hand as she drifts to sleep. It is such a sweet sight seeing her lovingly cuddled within my veil. The lace pattern and finished edges are superb. This veil has such detail and was crafted with much exquisite attention to those details. While there are many veils that look common, this veil is elegant and feminine." - Jennifer


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